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Vodka is not my friend

Despite the flailex with my refinancing (more on that later) I did manage to escape work early and then got to work prepping for the party. Clean the condo, hang some Christmas lights, hit Whole Foods and did some serious damage, came back and started cooking. My timing worked out pretty well as I finished up everything around 645 so I had time to grab a shower before my first guests arrived. Of course, that's when it dawns on me that my beverage selection was not going to cut it. So once J arrived, I bolted over to the liquor stores and picked up a couple of things.

It was a small intimate crowd but we had fun. Eating, talking, and drinking. Lots of drinking. Before going over to Pallette for Thanksgiving dinner, we discovered a nice smooth little twist to a Sea Breeze. Grey Goose L-orange and cranberry juice. It kind of had a holiday flavor. So we started with that. Well, I actually started with a red bull and vodka since I hadn't managed to get my disco nap in. So needless to say, the vodka was flowing. And flowing. Between 8 people, we managed to polish off 2.5 bottles of vodka. So it was not pretty. And I really don't remember how much I had I just remember thinking that my glass was never empty.

Which can only explain why I ended up Cobalt with E dancing. That part gets a little fuzzy. I think I had switched to water at that point, but I was pretty hammered. But we had fun dancing and I think the music was good. Not really sure. And while Cobalt wasn't as packed as Apex probably was, it was a hell of a lot closer to my place when I finally decided that I need to go home. And I needed to go home RIGHT THEN!

Getting out into the cold air helped a bit, but I was still a hurting puppy that night. And when I woke up on Saturday, the first thing I did was congratulate myself on having the foresight to cancel my trainer that morning. I was in no shape to work out at all. In fact, making the periodic trips to the fridge for liquids and to the bathroom, was the only exercise I could handle. I just laid in bed waiting to feel better. And waiting and waiting and waiting. It truely is amazing what crappy TV is on these days.

Around 5PM I started to feel a bit more normal. So I cleaned up the mess in the house and then got ready for the company holiday party.

As I drove to the party E called to ask how I was feeling. Apparently he had suffered as much as I did from the previous night. He joked about going to the White Party at Nation, but we both agreed that was so not going to happen.

The party was fun. I think it's good to see people outside of work. I'm usually so in the zone during the day that I barely have time for the niceties, so it was good to be able to just hang out and chat.

During the cocktail hour, some of the young guns talked about going out to Georgetown after the party. At my first company party I had gotten hammered and had joined them in Georgetown. It was fun. But as is typical with me, I'm having a great time and it's all good. And then there's that one drink that's the tipping point. And when that happens, I have to leave RIGHT THEN. And after some awful shot, I decided that was it, walked out of the bar and got a cab home. And then suffered the whole next day. And after my little vodka episode last night, I wasn't sure going to Georgetown was a good idea. So as the party was breaking up a bit, I silently slipped out of the hotel. I'm sure I'll catch some crap about it. But atleast I feel human right now.