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Love Your Hair. Hope you Win!

After escaping work I made it home and then walked into Dupont. I decided I wanted to get a haircut before my little soiree tomorrow night, so I thought I would try a different place. The barber shop I had been going to, while cheap, was not good. So it was time for someplace new.

My hair is a challenge. I've got three cowlicks. So my hair grows weird. And I tend to keep my hair short, which makes it even more unmanageable. I have to use a lot of hair product for it to do anything remotely normal.

I've always had short hair. With my Dad in the army, I always had the buzzcut. When I rebelled at the age of 12 or 13, I was allowed to let it grow out a bit. Never over my ears, or down to my eyes in front. And of course nothing even remotely touching my shoulders. Yikes, I would have looked like a hippy.

Of course then I went to the Naval Academy and then into the Navy so long hair was never an option. And now, long hair sounds interesting, but not practical. Long hair is not professional at all. Unless you are some hippy washed out super geek. Which I am not. And in the gay world, long hair is particularly taboo. I'm attracted to guys with short hair, so I tend to keep my hair short as well. It's all very odd.

But after the holidays I may try to grow it out for a couple of months. If I can do it and not go all Tom Hanks in Castaway. We'll see. Something different atleast.