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If Today Is Your Birthday . . .

You don't have to strive so much this year. The magic is in how well you accept yourself. Because you turn your gentleness toward yourself, you are able to do much more, much more happily. A move in January puts you in opportunity's path. Take a financial risk in June. Your connection with Libra and Taurus people is heart fortifying. Your lucky numbers are: 9, 47, 15, 38 and 2.

To be honest with you, I'm not a big horoscope fan, but this does appeal to me on a couple of different levels. Does this mean that I'll be able to recognize that I'm pushing myself to hard and not beat myself up if I try to relax a little bit? And it will be magic if I make some real improvements in accepting myself. But here's hoping. I'm not planning a move in Janauary, but that probably doesn't mean a physical move. And while I'm not really familiar with any Tauruses (tuauri?), Mom is a Libra.

Speaking of the family, my sister flew into town yesterday for a meeting this morning. Yep a five hour flight from LA to DC for a 4 hour meeting. And she flew back this afternoon. I picked her up at Dulles and after she checked into her hotel, we wandered around Gtown and did some window shopping and then grabbed a bite. It was good to just talk with her and find out how things are going in her life. It's weird what a great relationship we have now. As adults. As opposed to when we were younger. We weren't at each other throats, but it just seems like we get along better and relate to each other better now.

And I'm definitely making progress on the Dad front. He sent me a very touching birthday card and inside he added a couple of things. He wanted to know that he was concerned about my "lifestyle" becuase it puts me at risk. Of gay bashing. Which is true, but wasn't the first thing I thought of when he wrote that. But it's just nice to confirm that he loves and cares about me. And today I got an email from my Dad. Directly. To only me! He was asking about my sister's visit and what her plans are for next year. So I think we are making progress. Which is great cause was starting to get worried about Christmas in LA.