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It's a Game!

So I've been doing the online personals things for awhile. I'm not really into the whole bar scene. I don't cruise at the gym. And when I'm at work, I'm working. So it's just hard for me to meet decent guys.

So I've been on and it's been rather hit or miss for me. I have met some good guys, some of them I'm still friends with, and then there have been the not so good guys. My favorite is the guy who casually mentions on our first date that he's a felon. Check please!

So I decided to make a game of it. Literally. I like movies, so I listed ten movie quotes and then who ever got them all correct would win a date with me. I figured it would be something fun and different. Here's what it said:

"It’s just seems like this dating thing is a game anyways, so let’s “play name that movie.” The person with the highest score wins a date:

1. “I hate this city. Everyone's better looking than me.”
2. “You're a handsome devil. What's your name?”
3. “Oh my god, Eli was stalking you? That is so romantic.”
4. “Sometimes it all still feels like a mass of dots. But more and more these days, I feel like we're all connected. And it's beautiful... and funny... and good.”
5. “I can't believe this. They fucking forgot my birthday.”
6. “Have you ever experimented with heterosexuality?” “What? You mean sleep with a straight guy? What for?”
7. “Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?”
8. “It's only love. What's everyone so scared of?”
9. “Can't fall in love? But a life without love, that's terrible.”
10. “Principles only mean something when you stick to them when its inconvenient.”

Now, I'm not sure if I intimidated everyone, or if everyone looked at my list of movie quotes and figured I was some sort of drama queen or psycho. But after three weeks (and over 150 views) no one even replied to my profile. So what does that mean?

And that's a rhetorical question. I'm not sure I want to know the answer.