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Age Inappropriate Clothing

Saturday I broke down and hit the mall. Pentagon City Mall. And it was a serious search and destroy mission. The only Christmas shopping I had done so far was for my niece and nephew and that was via So I needed to get gifts for the rest of my family. I found some serious princess parking (like 2 spaces from the door), which is good because I didn't want to wear my coat into the mall. I was sure it was going to be packed & hot and I didn't want to be lugging my coat around. I ended up in Macy's where they had some pretty good sales and I got something for almost everyone.

When my sister was in town, we talked about my brother in law (b-n-l). He's a stay at home dad and while I love him, he's a bit odd. He's probably pushing 45 and has taken to growing his hair out a bit. My sister told me that his favorite clothes are what teenagers or early 20-somethings wear in LA. So, I said, "Oh, you mean like age inappropriate clothing?" She said exactly and I joked, "Are you sure he's not gay?" Gay men are all about age inappropriate clothing.

So while I was wandering around Macy's I found this section that was definitely targeting the young urban male section and got my b-n-l a sweat top with Italy on the back (the type I've seen at EVERY gay bar I've been to in the past 2 months) and then a vintage T-shirt that my sister will hate.

So speaking of age inappropriate clothing, I decided to punish myself and go into the Abercrombie and Fitch store and I'm greeted by this:Hello? Do I need this?. Do you need to just hit me in the head? I get it. I'm not young, or buff, and needless to say not the target demographic, but really. Sadly A&F is the uniform du juer among the gay society in DC. So not to have any A&F is truely not acceptable. So I wandered amongst the muscle tees, the faded and ripped jeans, the wrinkled dress shirts and despite the fact there was nothing there for me, I was just jamming to the music. A&F does play very loud music, and it's usually a good mix. So I went up to the lithe, 19th year old sales girl and asked her where they got their music from? I was thinking that maybe they had a CD for sale or something. She said no, they didn't sell it, but she recommended that I look on the internet becuase she thinks they publish the song lists there. So when I got home, I googled and not only did I find some interesting links, I found this: A&F Radio. I'm jamming to it now. ; )

One day when I have a 30 inch waist, 4% body fat, and figure out how to reverse the aging process, I'm going to go into A&F and buy something. But since I don't look like this:
I think I'm going to wait a bit.