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DC Eagle Saturday Night

The back porch. Around 1230.

I'm standing outside alone. The smoke and the heat from inside is a bit much and it's nice outside. The porch has a decent crowd, a nice mix of bears, leather guys, young, old.

And then there's this group of A&F-ish guys who are pounding the drinks hard and talking loud. Very loud.

"Look, I know that I have Ish-Shoes! But that gurl is messed up." One says to the other.

"Oh she is a big ole mess alright. A big ole mess." One replied back. As he threw up one hand in the air.

The Eagle, for the un-initiated, is a levi leather bar. You get a good mix of bear, leather guys, athletic guys, blue collar, etc. Big, butch, men for the most part.

What we don't see alot of are big nelly queens.

If you are waving your hands with a theatrical flush as you make your point. Or if you refer to another guy as "a gurl" or "she", then I think you may be in the wrong bar.

Just a thought.