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Final Jeopardy: The Answer Is the USA and Turkey

The question is: "What two NATO countries still ban gays and lesbians from serving in their military?"


Quite by accident I stumbled upon a Servicemember's Legal Defense Fund cocktail party at Halo. (Melon Martini: bad; Mango Martini: good) Anyways, they were hosting some Swedish gay sailors. All officers by the way. The one guy was okay, but not dream date material. Think about it, a hot swedish naval officer. Hmm, tell me that's not what dreams are made of.

Okay, back to the subject. Isn't it sad that out of all of NATO, it's only the USA and Turkey (a predominantly Muslim country in case you didn't know) that still ban gays and lesbians from serving in the military.

And now I just read that the soldier who was awarded a purple heart and WANTS to go back to Iraq and serve in the military is being kicked out under DADT. When he first came out, the right wing-nuts have already made it clear that just because you get wounded and get a purple heart that you aren't a hero. After all, he is gay.

And that's when I just wanted to puke. Listen you homophobic f&^kwads: All of our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who are serving over in Iraq and Afghanistan and all of the other places across the globe are heroes. They are putting it on the line every day. And while I have a big problem with some of the senior military & civilian leadership that got us into Iraq, I still have the utmost respect for those who go into harms way. So shut the f&%k up.