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Melancholy Mike? Danny Downer? Sammy Sad? Grumpy Gus?

Debbie Downer seemed a little girlish. I'm not that gay. Right?

I will admit that I've just been a grouch at work. My secretary keeps asking if everything is okay and I sort of wave her off. Or, we'll play this game where I go, "It's just GREAT." Like Tony the Tiger. And she'll go, "Fine, lie to me." I appreciate the concern, but it just doesn't help.

What would help? A little dose of reality and responsibility from my customer. Instead, what I get is just random, abusive, accusations combined with unrealistic expectations. And part of the reason why it gets to me so much is because I know part of it is a game. Let's just fuck with the contractors. Gee, that makes me feel like I'm a valued part of the team. AGH!!!!!

So in addition to the insomnia, which makes me tired and less likely to work out on my non-trainer days, I'm also stress eating. So I've started to gain weight. Yeah, that makes me feel even better.

So I was laying in bed last night trying not to think about the potential diaster meeting I had scheduled, I thought about the last time I truely lost weight. I had gotten back to DC after living in Naples. I was still in the Navy, but working at an organization where the stress was pretty low, and I worked basically 8 hour days. So that's the type of environment I need to be in if I want to lose weight. Losing weight will be good for my health, good for my social life, and good for my self esteem. Hmm, so what do I do?

I did leave work early today. Okay, I left work at 430PM after getting there at 6AM. Anyways, I left work, came home and changed into shorts and then headed to Axis to get my haircut. I left Axis with my fab short semi-spikey haircut that includes some great highlights. I grabbed a soda and then just sat in the park, relaxing and having a great time. It was so nice to just stop for a moment and let time sort of slide by.

This weekend I will have fun!! Damn it. Of course, with the work network going down, I won't be able to work that much. Damn the bad luck. ; )

Is it Friday yet?