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Yuppy Go Home!

I love living in the city. So much to do, great shops, bars, restaurants, the theater, you name it. But there is a price to pay for this much fun. It's called living in the city. The noise, the traffic, the taxes, etc. Most of the times, it seems like it's worth it.

So when I moved into my condo last summer, there was a big pothole right in front of my parking spot. There's also a big 6 foot tall metal pool right to the right of my parking spot, so getting into my parking spot is always a bit of a kabuki dance. It's usually a 2 or 3 point turn to get in. And the pot hole sucks. It makes it just that much more difficult and I'm always a little paranoid about gunning out of the pothole and hitting the big frickin pole. So since the winters is almost over (truth in advertising alert: it's actually snowing while i blog!), I thought I would start the ball rolling to get the pothole filled. So I started with the condo management folks. Nope, it's a DC thing. But there's this website where you can go to request to have the pot hole filled. So I go online, I fill out the form. Size, location, etc. And I'm thinking, okay maybe by mid-summer they will get it fixed. But less than a week later is was filled. I was shocked!! Government bureaucratic efficiency? Here in DC? No way!

But then I was walking from my car to the entrance to my building and I noticed that someone had spraypainted part of the concrete on my building. And what did it say? "Yuppy Go Home." Are you kidding me? Hello, which "yuppy" are you referring to? Is this some futile attempt to save the "hood" from the yuppies. Well wake up and smell the Starbucks, or the Caribu, coffee. The yuppies are here. They own the neighborhood, and they have for years. This area of Dupont and Logan isn't really "in transition" anymore. If you want to fight for the "hood", try Shaw or Columbia Heights, or some other places to the east. You've lost the battle here.