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Diva Fixation

So what is it with gay men and their fixation on divas?

Ooops, let me back track a bit. Got up early this AM, went to the gym (and how friggin cold is it out there?), and I'm doing 45 minutes on the elliptical cross trainer. My TV choices are ESPN's coverage of deep sea fishing, or some strange CNN show on non-traditional medicine stuff. You call those choices? So I ended up having some quality time to think and just jam out to my tunage on my MP3 player.

So one of my favorite songs come on, I've got the cardio burn going on, and I all of a sudden, I want to sing out. With my voice, not a good thing. But an idea for a new reality show: "When Endorphins Attack".

Anyways, I started to think about the song, the singer (a diva, natch), and then I wondered why gay men love divas. So here are a couple of random thoughts:

1) Divas are wrecks. Gay men are wrecks. So there's that "life is miserable" bond. Seriously. Look, you can't be a diva without having a sad combination of bad career moves, bad relationships (abusive boyfriends/husbands), money problems, and/or addiction problems. Madonna, Cher, Janet, Britney, Whitney, you name it. They've been there, done that. And survived. And so have a lot of gay men. Or atleast they think they have (been there that is).
2) Female singers sing about emotions. Yes, I love some male emo musicians, but it's not the same. If you want to listen to a song about a broken heart, or a cheating boyfriend, or about falling in love, you turn to women. They've been there. They know how it feels. And, they aren't afraid to put that music to a little dance beat and mix it up. Becuase if you're going to sing about heartache, or cheating boyfriends, or about love, you'll want to dance to it, shirtless, in a room full of hot men. (just go with it, okay)
3) Divas are the personification of drama queens. Everything they do is bigger and louder than life. They know how to cause a scene. They've been through too much crap to deal with the petty little things that world throws at them. They are better than that. Sounds like a gay man, right?

Okay, top five Diva songs to dance to:

1) Anastacia: One Day In Your Life
2) Taylor Dayne: How Many
3) Cher: This is a Song for the Lonely
4) Whitney Houston: I Learned From the Best
5) Deborah Cox: Play Your Part