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My membership card?

From Howard's "Fashion Cocktails DC" blog:

"'Early' is the new 'Late'". But what does that mean in the gay world? "On time" means atleast 30 minutes late. And "fashionably late" means atleast an hour late, if not more. So if "Early" is the new "late", does that mean you show up on time. Or even early, like before the event started. I'm so confused.

I've also learned that "Excited" is the new "Bored". Yikes, I can't keep up. Next thing you know, "black" will be the new "black." I'm so confused.

And that's why we need a membership card and a monthly newsletter. There are so many guys out there who just don't know that they are gay, and a membership card would help them all out. If my membership card hadn't gotten lost in the mail, I would have been out years ago. Plus, we really need a new members guide: things like how to come out to parents, how to speak gay, how to dress, how to figure out which subgroup you belong to (jocks, twinks, bears, etc), the militant gay agenda, you know, the basics. It took me a couple of years to realize that you get the toaster after you've converted three "straights". See, this is just crucial information that needs to be provided upfront.

I'm always afraid that I'm going to be the token gay man at a party or some event and I'm not the stylish, witty, smart, successful man that the media says I'm supposed to be. If I let the community down, will they take away my membership card?