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Got Bugs?

Okay, I'm back online again. Not sure what happened, but my PC started to just S L O W down. It was freaky. And despite the fact that I do IT for a living, I'm just not that good at troubleshooting my own PC. So I've not been online that much. And maybe that's a good thing.

Anyways, I ended up hiring some guy to come over to clean up my PC. Definitely a wiz and he really cleaned up my machine. But he was not cheap! He said that I had a number of trojan software on my PC, as well as some spyware. Talk about people I'd like to hunt down and spam to death. Of course, now I wonder what sites have I been to that caused my PC to get infected. Gee, even cybersex isn't safe anymore. Now your PC can get a virus.

Friend update. He and his BF are communicating again. It looks like they are going to be able to work it out. Yeah!!!!!

Off for a run, more later.