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Running in the Rain

I love it. I'm not sure why. I like it when it's just slightly drizzling or light rain. Tonight was like that. A little bit chilly (actually warm for Feb), I went out only in shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. I had my new MP3 player and was jamming to tunes as I went. I haven't run in a couple of months, so it was good to get out. My winter training program hasn't been that successful, so I need to get more cardio into my life. Right now I've got two basic running routes. The Gtown loop and the Adams Morgan loop. The Gtown loop takes me down M St into Gtown. Then I run back along P St, through the Circle, and then home. I think it's about 3.3 miles. The Adams Morgan loop is a bit more complicated. I run to the Circle, up Connetticut into Woodly Park, then across the bridge into Adams Morgan, then down 18th St to U St, where I then cut over to 17th, down 17th to P and then home. I did the Adams Morgan loop this evening. Running up Connetticut is a bitch, but once you get to the top of the hill, you get to cross two bridges that span Rock Creek Park. It's just very cool.

So while I'm listening to my dance remixes on my MP3 player, I start thinking about love. When I was "straight" (just go with it for now, okay?), I sort of convinced myself that I was never going to fall in love, never be in love, never be loved. Kind of depressing, isn't it? Then I came out, and I fell in love, but it didn't work out. Since then it's been a string of dates (usually bad) that has lead to me where I am now. And as much as love hurt my friend, when he thought he had lost his bf, that's the love I want. The risky love, the put your heart out there and hope someone will protect it, cherish it, love it. And in turn love them.

Yikes, I sound like a bad romance novel. But it's what I want. So sue me.

The run was good. Stopped by the soviet safeway to pick up cereal and milk before I ran home. Time to get ready for work tomorrow.