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Love Hurts Like a Hangover

Atleast according to the very wise, but usually drunk, Anastasia Beaverhauser (aka Karen from Will and Grace). During my music download days (bad Trey, bad), I downloaded this really funny song that's mix of great Karen quotes from W&G. It's just hilarious to listen to, and with the recent turn of events, a little enlightening.

Apparently I've entered a strange parallel universe where someone actually find me attractive, actually several someones, so I find myself in the very unique position of sort of dating with a couple of guys. Just dinner/drinks type of stuff. Anyways, I'm out at dinner on a date, I come back to my place and I get a phone call from one of my friends. He's crying so hard that I can barely understand him. And to say that I freak out is an understatement. He has never been a drama queen, so I know something is seriously wrong. I get the story out of him and I'm actually worried about him. So I get into the car to go visit him. He and his boyfriend of year and a half got into a really big fight and the bf walked out. As I'm driving to his place, I'm so worried about him that I have the shakes. So weird. When I get to his place, he can't stop crying and I just sit there and hug him and tell him that it will work out. That it's not the end. That his bf will come back. He and his bf are such a perfect couple (almost annoyingly so) and I just refuse to believe that it's over. After a while, he stops crying, we talk for a bit more, and then I send him to sleep while I drive back to the city.

What a long night, but it was something I needed to do and something I'm glad I did. He's my best friend and he needed some help. He needed a hug and someone to tell him that it was goign to be alright. And isn't that what friends are for? I'm still worried about him and call him a bunch to check in. Love does hurt. I'm hoping his hangover goes away quickly.