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Suki Goes To The Beach

So Museum Man, Suki and I did a road trip last Saturday.  We headed out to the eastern shore to go to Rehoboth and Dewey Beach.  I'm fairly certain that John never got a chance to take Suki to the beach and since the weather was going to be almost decent (61 degrees), we decided to go to the beach.  

We had lunch in Rehoboth Beach and found an out door cafe where we could sit with Suki and have lunch.  Needless to say she was thrilled about sitting there while we ate, but she was good.  After that, we headed down to Tower Beach which is the northern part of the Delaware Seashore State Park.  We got there around 130PM and it was empty.  Seriously.  I think there was may be one other car in the huge parking lot.  So we get out and Suki is glad to be free from her cage.  John had a soft carrying container for her that we used.  She tolerated it during the drive, but was happy to get out.

MM and I ditched our shoes and made our way to the sandy pathway that lead across the dune and down to the beach.  Suki was confused about this ground that moves when you walk on it.  She would paw it, then step, then paw it again.  And then finally decided that she could just walk on it.  

It was a clear crisp day and the temp was perfect.  And there was no one on the beach.  It was so cool because it felt like our own private beach.  Off season you can take your dog on the beach, and let them off the leash.  So I took Suki off the leash and we made our way down to the water.  Suki was very interested in the water and made a beeline for it.  And as she chased a wave that was rushing back to the sea, she got hit with a wave coming in.  Not a big one, but it definitely got her wet.  And it was cold.  And that was pretty much all it took for Suki to determine that she didn't want to go swimming.  Which is just as well.  But the problem now of course is that I've got wet dog.  Running around on the sand.  

But she was in heaven just wandering every which way.  Constantly stopping to sniff something to see if she could eat it.  She said no to the jelly fish (good call) and the dead crab.  I let her run for quite a bit and then I would have to go chase her down whenever she got too far away.  And let's be honest, it's not like she's going to turn around and come back to me just because I called her name.  It was really a fun afternoon and I think Suki had a good time.  I tried to brush as much sand off her as I could, but I figured out that she would probably require a bath when we got home.

The trip back wasn't bad.  As long as you appreciate that wonderful wet dog smell.  :-)

Bathing Suki.  Well I had never done it before.  But how hard could it be, right?  Oy vey.  So Suki does not like to be in the tub.  She kept trying to get out and then would slip on the slipper tub.  So not a good start.  I put some shampoo into her coat and start to rub.  It's an anti-shedding shampoo. Which apparently means that all of the loose dog hair comes out in the bath.  So there was lots of dog hair in the tub.  I finally rinse her off, and I lift her out of the tub so I can dry her off in the bathroom. And no sooner were her 4 paws on the ground than she proceeds to shake herself dry.  Flinging water dropplets everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  My bathroom was just drenched.  Now I know why I take her to the grooming salon.  It's definitely worth the money.