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Grief Aftershocks and Suki

I call them grief aftershocks.  The moments when I remember, oh too vividly, that John is gone.  When I realize that all of the hopes and dreams we had together will never happen.  And usually these aftershocks start with something really minor, something stupid, that just hits me from out of no where and it just sort of implodes within me.  And I start to cry.  And cry.  Grief aftershocks.

So I'm going to try to blog again.  I want to tell stories about John.  I want to capture who we has to me, and the good, and bad, times we had together.  I want to put it down into words to make sure I never forget, but also to help me move forward.  Atleast, I think this will help.

After John passed away, I asked his sister if I could keep Suki.  She had spent quite a lot of time at my house, the summer palace, we called it.  Especially when John was traveling or working long hours.  So she was used to my place and I thought keeping her would be good for me.  And she has been.  She's gone through her own process of depression.  But I think she's doing okay now.  And she's been a good thing for me.  I've probably transferred all of my love of John to Suki which I'm not sure is the best thing.  But it's been good.  I love her a lot and taking care of her is something that I know John would appreciate it.

Since I'm not working today (shocker), I decided to take Suki for a long walk down along the mall.  She loves car rides and so we drove down to the mall area.  I couldn't find parking near the Thomas Jefferson Memorial at first, so I continued on to Haynes Point where we got out for a walk.  Suki was intrigued by the water.  It was high tide and the wind had kicked up the waves.  So water was spilling over the low sea wall and she was just fascinated by that.  So we had a good walk there.  And then as we drove back, I scored a parking spot near TJ's so we got out and had a second walk.  Here we are at the steps of the TJ Memorial.