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At Sea (The Last Day)

Six little words.

I’ll start my diet on Monday.

Seriously, like I need to see that at the pool first thing in the AM?

The morning after the White Party is always interesting. The gays like to party hard, and then sleep late. And with the White Party going till 9AM, it means that the pool deck is strangely empty until about 11AM when the first round come out to bask in the sun and burn away the demons from the previous night.

Of course I’m up early, but I’m off to the spa for a hot stone massage. Fan-tan-stique! As the French would say. Insanely expensive, but great. And then it’s back to the pool deck to bask in the sun. But I’m actually getting a little bit toasty so I wander into the solarium to work on book # 3.

I did go to catch some of drag bingo with Ms. Ritchfield. She’s hilarious! So much fun.

And then it was time for the last Tea Dance. And it was one of my favorites. So much good music. So many hot guys. Just a great, great time. As the sun began to set, we burned across the pool deck dancing like there was no tomorrow.

After the tea dance, I had a leisurely dinner and then started to pack my bags. Sigh. The last event for the cruise is the Last Laugh Comedy Show, this time with Alec Mapa. Again. Hilarious. So much fun and a great way to end the week. There is the final “Last Chance” dance, but I’m done. Stick a fork in me. Another great Atlantis vacation.

I won’t bother you with the details about the logistical trip back home, except to say that it was great to see Lawyer X again.