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At Sea (Again)

Up again early. The same ole routine. And I get my good spot on the pool deck. Close to the pool and close to the bar. I get my diet coke fix and settle in to read my book. But I’m distracted by a very hot couple who are lounging in the pool. Too hot. And too cute. And both must be wearing cockrings as I don’t think Fedex delivers packages that big. Anyhoo . . . .

It’s sunny and hot and I pause from book # 2 to jump into the pool to cool off. It also gives me a chance to try to be sociable. And I try, but it’s not really my strong suit.

Around 1PM, we have pool games: the Mommie Dearest Obstacle Course. I love this. They get a group of guys together and make them run to different parts of the pool deck where they have to re-enact parts of the movie: “NO MORE WIRE HANGERS . . . . EVAH!” as they spank one of the atlantis guys with a wire hanger. “Christina . . . Bring me the Axe” and then they proceed to cut a rose from a railing. Then they chug a Pepsi and scream, “Don’t FUCK with me fellas, this ain’t my first time at the rodeo.” And the last is where they actually put on a one piece woman’s bathing suit, a swim cap, and do a quick lap in the pool and the come back to say, “I’m bigger and I’m stronger and I will always win!” And of course, the gays being the big drama queens, every re-enactment becomes more dramatic, more overacted, more insane. It really was quite funny.

After a bit more time in the sun, I head in for a quick disco nap. The White Party is this evening and I need to rest. And I do, a bit. But I’m going to be needing that 5 Hour Energy shot later. After my nap, I get dressed and head back to the pool deck for the Atlantis Newlywed game. So they get couples who have been together for less than a year, between one year and three years, between four years and 10 years, and then over 11 years and then ask them really horribly personal questions. It’s hilarious. One of the couple is this overly muscled couple who are hot/cute. They’ve been together for just over 4 years. So when it’s time for one half of the couple to get up and leave, Malcom, the cruise director, asks the bottoms to get up. And neither of the muscle couple leaves. It’s just hilarious. And eventually one of them stands up and walks off. Time for questions: “Your partner has a very big *blank* and an itsy-bitsy *blank*. Wow, getting kind of personal aren’t you? “Logo is making a movie about your love life, the theme song to the movies is: Shook you all night long, I Touch Myself, Silent Night, or 8 Days a Week?” “Your partner finds you in bed with another man, does he: stalk off, join you, or stabs you with an icepick?” And some of the answers were just painfully funny.

After the game, I headed to the martini lounge which was packed for a cool beverage and then I went to the formal dining room and had dinner with two very nice couples from San Diego. The older couple had been together almost 35 years and they were a riot!

Instead of going to see Chita Rivera perform, I went back to the room to check email (loser) and then get ready for the White Party. Now apparently Chita Rivera was amazing, but I’m not really a broadway queen, so I passed.

For the White Party, I just pulled out the white football pants. It’s actually a pretty look on me. But several other guys had the same idea and I think they pulled it off a bit better. The costumes for the White Party are always insane and this was no exception. Lots of great costumes, and lots of hot men. The music was great and there were actually songs with words in them! I wandered around taking pictures, dancing a bit, and just people watching. There was a lot of good people watching. I made it till around 330AM, and then call it a night. I know my roommate didn’t make it back until after 6AM. And I think at 730AM they forced the remaining partiers to the Sky Lounge so they could clear off the pool deck and get ready for the day.

One of the other great things about the White Party (or any of the parties really) is that a lot of the ships crew will come up to watch and even dance a bit. I’m fairly certain that they don’t get to do this type of things on the other cruises they do.