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I Could Be Your Next Mistake

It's from a T-shirt on a hot guy I saw while wandering down Bourbon St.

Yep, I'm in the Big Easy, and for work no less. So kind of cool.

My hotel is in the straight end of the French Quarter. Which means that I feel young and thin walking around, and then once I get to the gay end, I'm old and fat, again. Oh well.

Can someone please explain straight strip clubs to me? There are a ton of them here. And considering that most women here almost seem to want to show you their boobs for some beads, I'm not sure why you would pay to see them. Oh, well I guess they are completely naked in the clubs here, so there is that.

But the thing is, I just don't get it. And this isn't a gay thing not wanting to see boobies. I've seen a lot of women's breast and they don't scare me. But I just don't get straight strip clubs. So you're a straight guy, you go into a strip club, you have a couple drinks, you watch the hot women, you get horny and then? And then you go home alone. It's not like you're going to score with one of the strippers (unless it's *that* kind of "strip club"). So after drinking expensive drinks and slipping one dollar bills into some girl's g-string, you're going to go home and either taking a long cold shower, or spanking the monkey.

A gay strip club I get. There are hot boys dancing around. There are other men around you. While you aren't going to score with the dancers, there are other horny men surrounding you. So you've atleast got a shot for some action there. So that makes sense.

Straight strip clubs? Not so much.