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"Excuse me, I've got a child here!"

She said stridently as she pushed an EMPTY baby stroller through the very thick crowd while Daddy was carrying the child on his shoulders. Oh yes, let's all get out of HER way, because on a night when THOUSANDS of people are going to be crammed onto the streets to watch the high heel drag race, we all need to make way for her and her EMPTY baby stroller. To quote he who is an attention whore, "Bitch Please!"

Needless to say I was not amused. And even though we got there two hours early, there was no way to get a decent view. We got some libations at Juniors and then hung around a bit. At some point the crowd got too much and I had to leave. Yes before the race even happened, but it' s not like I could see from where I was.

Oh well. And I'm going to see a documentary tomorrow night, so that's my Halloween plan.