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Cheese Slices and Green Beans

I've got House of Ruth duty tomorrow and I needed to run to the Soviet Safeway to get my items. Cheese slices and green beans. I get four boxes of cheese with 72 slices each. And then three gigantic cans of green beans. The guy in front of me in line was definitely intrigued at my purchase. But the real problem was getting it home. I don't have a granny cart, just my two hands, and they were heavy. Thankfully I could drop the green beans off at church and I'll just take the cheese back tomorrow. After the 9AM service, we'll head over to the shelter in NE and help them cook. It's light weight volunteering, once a month, a couple of hours, and I like to think it makes a difference.

Ever since I got back from Colorado, I've been running around with my head cut off. Just busy at work. Too much to do. The problem is that when I get sucked into these work cycles, everything else just falls by the wayside. Gym. Good eating habits. Any pathetic pretense of a social life. Yes, I did escape the house twice this week.

First I went to dinner up on Capital Hill. My church does these group dinner type things so this was the first one. I was supposed to bring dessert and I had thought about making something over the top like "Death By Chocolate" (have I mentioned the diet is out the window?). Then I thought, nope, no time. Let's just make some brownies. Maybe throw in some crushed up Heath toffee bars. But I did something wrong. Yes, I f&cked up a box mix of brownies. I will never be Top Chef! Where's Dale when I need him. Need, want, whatever. Anyways, after dumping the mutant brownies into the trash, I headed to Whole Foods to get a Carrot Cake to take. The evening was interesting. I don't do the social/coffee hour thing after church, so I don't really know anyone at church, so it was good to get to know some of the people. Needless to say everyone there was gay, and while we didn't talk about church that much (we actually had a very embarrassing conversation about what's on our Tivo's season pass list!), it was interesting to hear about why people come to St. Thomas'. One of the guys was a former Mormon. And he still believed in a the Book of Mormon. Not sure how I would square the two mentally and spiritually, but whatever.

So that was Wednesday night. Thursday afternoon at work I had one of those days. Just completely overwhelmed and I started to shut down. So I ran home and just sort of laid on my bed waiting for my mind to slow down a bit. By the time I felt a little bit better, I realized that I needed to get out of the house. So I went to see a couple of the Reel Affirmations movies. And while were good (well some of the shorts weren't). They weren't very up. Look, I don't need any more depression in my life. There were a couple of that talked about growing old, as single gay men. Yeah, not so uplifting.

Friday I came home almost in a good mood. The guy I interviewed was actually pretty good and might be able to help take some of the load off me. I got a call from a Navy friend of mine and I went to meet her at Vidalia's which does a wine tasting every night from 5:30-6:30PM. So we partook of that with another friend. She's got a reservist Navy friend who's single and lives in Dupont that she wants to me to meet. But he was a no show. After a flight of white wine at Vidalias and some pretty expensive cheese, we wandered the West End looking for a place for dinner. And that was a quest. Any place decent was booked till after 930. Well it was a Friday night. We ended up at the bar at FireFly and munched on apps while the rain came down.

If I can find the energy, I want to try to Blow Off tonight. But we'll see. I'm yawning already. Though I think I do have an emergency spare can of Red Bull in the fridge. So we'll see.