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YMCA, HOB, & Comments

It's acronym soup today!

So I went to the YMCA this evening. I went swimming on Saturday and Sunday, but I need to do more than just weekend swimming, so instead of lifting I came home and headed over to the Y. First I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical and then I hit the pool. 100 Breast, 500 Free, 100 Breast, 500 Free, 100 Breast, 500 Free, and 100 Breast. So technically that's over a mile. And I could barely haul my big fat body out of the pool my arms were so dead. But it was a good swim. I swam in the fast lane and did pretty well. I think if I swim during the week I need to get out of there by 7PM. I think the Masters group comes in then and they are pretty insane. Some guy clipped me (and I was in my own lane) and he was wearing the hand paddles. So my hand stung pretty hard. And did he say, "Sorry" or "Excuse me"? No, he glared and me and then kept swimming. Loser. Well, loser with a six pack abs. Hated him anyways.

So after their meeting in New Orleans with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the House of Bishops finally released their letter. The letter's okay. I was prepared to be disappointed, but I wasn't. I'm not too terribly thrilled by it either. I understand the full inclusion of GLBT folks in the church is going to take time, but it's hard not to want it now. If you see something that is just intrinsically wrong, how do you explain trying to delay correcting it? The good news is that regardless of this fiasco, and the whole drama around The Episcopal Church, I'm going to church every Sunday. It feels good to me. My church is very welcoming and inclusive. And I feel like a real member there. I'm not going to go all "Jesus-land" & evangelical here, but being Christian isn't a bad thing. We aren't all like Pat Robertson, Bill Donohue, or James Dobson.

Comments. So I do love the blogosphere. And it's not just the interesting, fun, or challenging blogs, it's the comments as well that I love. I've learned a whole lot about how the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Community work. I've learned depressingly too much about how the US government tortures people. I've read funny, sexy, depressing, and introspective things and thoughts from people in NYC to Australia. While I like to think I do a pretty good job of turning a phrase, it's a little intimidating to read some people's blogs or comments that are just whip smart or sarcastic or just downright funny. The bad thing about comments is when you go to certain sites, the hard core republican sites, the orthodox anglican sites, etc. The vitriol being spit out by some of these people is just horrendous. Sometimes I feel like I need to take a shower after reading some of their comments. I want to try to understand their position, their feelings, but I'm just so depressed at the level of hatred and disdain for those people who don't agree with them. I wonder if it's even possible to have a civil discourse anymore.