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Health Care and Statues

A little random today, but bare with me.

So I went to the YMCA this AM. 30 minutes on the elliptical and then 2x500 free. I would have swam longer but I had to get back to change for church.

But while I was on the elliptical I watched one of those Sunday pundit shows and I got disgusted all over again with the Bush administration. Bush has already declared that he's going to veto the SCHIP bill which provides needed health care to millions of kids who aren't currently insured. The problem with the bill, or so some claim, is that some parents may be able to get rid of their private insurance and have Uncle Sam foot the bill. Okay, so of the $7Billion or so it will cost, some people will try to scam the system. But don't go all fiscally conservative on me when you are asking for $190Billion for the war in Iraq? We can pay for an unnecessary war, giving millions in profits to Halliburton and Blackwater, and lossing billions of dollars in the process, but we can't pay to give health care to millions of uninsured kids because some people might take advantage of the plan? Are you kidding me?

Went for a long walk this afternoon. It was a clear crisp fall afternoon and I wanted to go down to the Mall to take some photos. Well as I walked by Hotel Rouge I realized something was missing. One of the statues of Venus that are outside of Hotel Rouge was missing. Now I have no idea why you would steal a statue, how you would steal a statue (cause I'm assuming it's heavy), or what you would do with the statue once you had it. But I'm just kind of logical that way. Here's a pic of some of the statues during the snow storm we had in Feb.

Anyways, I continued my power walk down to the Mall, through the WWII memorial, down along the reflecting pool (which by the way, can the park people sweep the duck crap back into the pool? It really is disgusting), and around the Lincoln Memorial. I wanted to get a couple of pics of the big bronze statues at the end of Memorial Bridge. With the sun setting, I thought it would make the bronze just shine. The problem is that some clouds came up in the west as the sun was setting, so it wasn't as bright as I would like. But still some good pics. And yes, me likey some muscles.