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That Tingling Feeling!

So I woke up Saturday AM feeling a bit better. Another decent night of sleep worked wonders for me. But as I started to dig through my work emails, I noticed a strange tingling feeling on my head and hands. It felt kind of trippy and kind of cool. I actually kind of liked it, except for the fact that it's not a good thing.

So apparently when they take the thyroid out, there are little glands call parathyroids in that same area that can become disturbed by the operation. They regulate the calcium level in your body but if they become disturbed, they can go on the blink. And while I was taking a calcium pill as part of the meds I'm on, it wasn't enough. So I call the surgeon on call and was finally told to go back to WHC, to the ER, to have a calcium test done.

So I drive there. And by this time, my whole body is feeling tingly. My experience at the WHC ER room, not so much. Oh, I got into the ER pretty quickly, but I was probably one of the least sick people there, so I didn't get that much attention. They finally did the blood test and my calcium level was dangerously low. So they stuck in an IV in my and pumped me full of calcium. In talking with the attending on duty (senior Dr?), I think there was a mistake about the amount of calcium pills I'm supposed to take. It should be 3 pills, 3 times a day, not 1 pill, 3 times a day. Oops. Well that's what it said on the prescription.

Anyways, the ER room on a Saturday afternoon was really kind of sad and I started to get claustrophobic and really wanted to leave. I feel bad for all of the people there. It just wasn't good. When I was finally release, as I walked through the ER lobby, the DC SWAT team was there. Nice.

I've got a friend from out of town in this weekend so we've been hanging out. Dinner and DVDs since I'm not really up for anything else. But it's all been good.

Anyways, speaking of tingling. This gives me that tingling feeling as well but in a good way. Love Annie. Just luv her!