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I'm Making Jello!!

Lime green jello to be specific.

Why you might ask? Because it was actually the best thing I ate at the hospital and it was so good, and so easy to swallow, and since I hadn't had jello in forever I thought I would make some.

The surgery was okay. I remember going into the operating room, moving to the operating table, and then the oxygen mask being put on and then I was somewhere else, after the surgery. I remember talking with SuperLawyer and then being in my hospital room. It's all kind of sketchy now. Apparently it went as planned. They also took some of my lymph-nodes since they were swollen. I'll get the pathology report next week and then we'll have to figure out a game plan based on that.

My neck hurts, as does my throat. And I've got a great scar on my neck, currently hidden by some suture tape. Thank goodness for the percacet.

My overnight in the hospital was not good. I don't sleep well on my back. And the poor gentleman who I shared a room with was not in good shape at all. He had a couple of episodes over the course of the night that required many nurses and doctors. So lots of drama. Which means little sleep. Around 530AM, one of the random doctors came to remove the staples from my neck. I'm bummed because I wanted a photo of that, but oh well.

I can't tell you how happy I was to get home and sleep in my own bed. With the percacet I can actually sleep on my side with just a little bit of pain, so that's nice.

I actually walked down to the Safeway to get the Jello this afternoon, but that I think that was pushing it. I'm still pretty weak and the heat was bad. I didn't feel to good by the time I got back to my place. But it's nice and cool in here and I'm looking forward to jello for dessert tonight!