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Spinning the Subject Wheel!

We've got a lot to talk about tonight so let's get started!

Speaking of Kathy Griffin (who's line I stole above), she ROCKED! Way too funny. She BROUGHT IT! Britany, OJ, the Emmy's, you name it. It was just too funny. Of course having a nice little buzz from the Key West Lemonades helped. And I'm sorry, but the whole bit about Barbara Walters and Astroglide almost made me want to throw up.

{Spinning the subject wheel}

I can't believe everyone is getting so worked up over Hilary's comment about Cheney. "Darth Vader"? That's probably the nicest thing you can say about him. Come on! This is the man who called some journalist a "major league asshole" and told a Senator to "Fuck Off" on the FLOOR OF THE US SENATE! Puh-lease!

{Spinning the subject wheel}

Oh, have you seen this? This is just too funny.

{Spinning the subject wheel}

If you haven't heard about the Mayor of San Diego, check this out. His speech really touched me. He's a republican I'd vote for.

{And one last spin of the subject wheel}

So I'm thinking about going out Friday night. To a straight club. Well, it's the Black Cat, so it's pretty indie/progressive. But they are doing a Depeche Mode dance party. Hello! Strangelove? Just Can't Get Enough? Enjoy the Silence? People are People? I am *SO* there. If I can stay awake long enough. This getting old thing kind of sucks.