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Are You Kidding Me?

I just had surgery to remove a cancerous thyroid and I get a frakkin cold? Are you kidding me? Shouldn't I get a "bye" for all seasonal colds for atleast the next two years? Agh this sucks!

Speaking of sucking, poor Britany. Yikes that was painful. But not as painful as that kid. And no I'm not going to link to that attention whore.

So I joined the YMCA. It's actually kind of scary, but I just use it for the pool. I went swimming on Sunday. It's been years since I've done laps and it felt good. Though it did make my neck feel freaky. When I stretch my neck, I can definitely feel my scar. It's weird. Anyways one of my goals is to swim 3 times a week so I can get in shape and then maybe join DC Aquatics after Christmas. Plus I think I'd like to try to do the Bay Bridge Swim. I've got classmates who do it and I'd like to give it a try. Hey, it's something to train for, a goal.

I'm throwing a little "Life On the T List" party tomorrow evening. It should be fun. I think there may be a potential there, but we'll see. I'll be mixing up some killer Key West Lemonades with Absolut Ruby Red. Sooooooooo yummy. So we should have a good buzz before Kathy Griffin's concert. And I am so stoked to see her, between Britany, the Emmy's, and OJ, I have a feeling I may get a cramp from laughing! Should be good.

Speaking of the Emmy's, I saw the bit between Raine Wilson and Kanye West and you know what, I really like Kanye's new song.

Let's get lost tonight,
You can be my black Kate Moss tonight!