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Ptown Update!

Still here, still having a blast. And the sprained ankle is getting better! So let's see, where were we?

So on Wednesday, SuperLawyer left and it was probably good timing. The big event for Wednesday is Drag Bingo! And I don't think that's really his gig. Our whole house was going, so I agreed. But no, I didn't do drag. The theme for Carnival is Fairy Tales, so I was one of Goldilock's three bears. I just had to wear a harness, so no big deal. About an hour before the bingo actually started, we hit Commercial St to parade around. It kind of reminded me of the High Heel Races in DC where all of the contestant/guys in drag would go around and "work" the crowd. And like in DC, half of the crowd was straight, and a lot had children with them. It really was quite amusing to see. We got stoppeed several times by people wanting to take our photos.

Despite the fact that I actually won $50 during drag bingo, it really wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. Dixie Longate did such a good job entertaining us during the drag bingo on the cruise that I was expecting some fun, catty, quips to entertain us between the calls, but not so much. Plus they were on a mission. We had to be out of there by 930PM, so they were motoring. After bingo, I changed clothes and went out to drink my winnings. Well, I did have a couple of drinks.

Thursday was another glorious day in Ptown. After getting up late, I walked down to the BoatSlip to lay out in the sun. It was packed with guys in tiny little bathing suits. So nice. I'm actually getting a good tan here, which is definitely a hard thing for me. So now if I could just be tall, have a small waist, and a ripped chest I'd fit right in! ;-) Afterwards I went back to the house to change and grab my camera for the Carnival Parade. Again, a lot of people in drag and costumes walking up and down the street showing off and getting their pics taken. And yes some of the drag is amazing and some of the costumes are funny, but most of my pics were of guys in pirate outfits where they basically wore shorts and boots. The parade was kind of like a Pride parade, but with a fairy tale theme to it. We had the city council, the Massachusetts Democtratic Party ("Equal Rights are NOT a Fairy Tale", and then a lot of the shows and guest houses had floats. My house did a DreamGirls theme thing. It was cute. Jeff Stryker came by on a limo wearing some entiretly too tight pants. So there's basically no need to see that show. And still, not my thing. He does look good for his age, but between the pancake make up and the 1980's haircut, it all looks just odd.

After the parade, I went to T. Me and the rest of the town. But I've got to give huge props to DJ Mary Alice! She played a killer set. T actually went till 9 and I think I spent three hours on the dance floor. It was just so awesome. And hot. So yes I danced with my shirt off. After the last song played and they were kicking us out, I noticed a hottie giving me the eye. Of course I thought someone was behind me, but nope, he must have been looking at me. So I looked back. We did the whole exchange glances thing and then I finally went over to chat with him. We were having a good time until the lady sitting next to us turned and proceeded to hurl. So we took that as our cue to leave. We were walking back to his place when we ran into one of this friends. And I'm not sure if it was a friend or a "friend". But let's just say that I ended up going home alone.

Friday I awoke to clouds and an overcast sky. Not happy. This was my day to go to the beach. So I hung around the house and then finally decided to just walk around. But as I was leaving the house, I looked up and I almost saw the sun. So I decided to risk it. I changed into my beach gear, I borrowed a bike, and I headed out. The bike ride was okay and the ankle was feeling pretty good. I got to the trailhead, locked up the bike, and then started the walk against the tidal flats. The tide was out, so while some of the flat was wet, I wasn't wading through the water. That would come later. The walk was okay, but tiring. I finally found my spot in a little area on top of a dune, spread out my blue beach blanket and proceeded to lay out. And then it started. The attack of the bugs. I couldn't take it. After about 5 minutes of continuously slapping at flies and other bugs, I bailed down the front side of the dune closers to the water where there was a bit of breeze. The sun finally did come out and it was glorious. I sat there and basted in the warm sun and watched the guys go by. I also finished book #2, so I'm right on track from that perspective. Around 3PM, I started the hike back. But the tide had come back, so I ended up wading through most of the tidal flat. By the time I got back to the house, I was exhausted which was perfect for my massage. After the message I felt great, changed into my T dance attire and headed down to the Boatslip. Do you see a trend here? T was great. After T I did a little bit of window shopping. A storm came up with lighting, thunder, and a little bit of rain. It was quite pretty. But it passed quickly and then I headed out for the evening.