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The Burden of Beauty

So instead of trudging through the sand and marsh to get to the beach, I opted for the Boatslip again. It was a crystal clear day with a beautiful sky, but the wind was whipping. I was scared that it might be cold, but it was my last day and I was going to take advantage of it. Of course I got there early and got a spot by the rail hoping it would shelter me from the wind a bit. And it worked, sort of. So the thing about the Boatslip is that in the AM, they align the lounge chairs to be perpendicular with the water, but around 1PM the chair master (or chair Nazi as I call him) blows a whistle and everyone rotates their chairs 90 degrees to better catch the sun.

So after the chair rotation I am now next to two guys. Two incredibly hot guys. One is tall, white but with a nice tan, muscled in a swimmer type way, short hair with a little bit of grey. Just too sexy. His BF? Shorter than him, latino, dark bronze, and muscled in a good way. It's just unreal. And no, I'm not bitter. Anyways, as I sit there reading my book, I just become stunned by what happens next. Remember the study that said that you have a better chance of being fat if you have fat friends? Well I definitely believe that. I always thought all of the pretty boys hung out together, like they were all part of some secret club that only they knew the secret code word for. As I sat there, at first reading my book, but then just holding my book as I listened to the conversations. Random hot guys would walk up to the couple and just start chatting them up. And no, it's not like they knew each other.

"Hey dude, how's it going? Did I see you last night at Paramount?"
"Hey dude, great suit? Where'd you get it?"
"Hey dude, you look familiar. Did we meet at the White Party in Miami this year?"

I guess if you are hot, then you just have to expect other hot guys coming up to you and start chatting you up. I guess that's just the curse of being hot.

end bitterness.

Anyways, we haven't talked T-shirts yet. I love Ptown for the t-shirts. A couple of good ones:

"My Dick Would Make a Better Vice-President"
"MANWICH" - stretched *tight* across a huge muscled chest
"There's no need to be pessimistic, it wasn't going to work out anways."
"Sure, I've got 5 minutes."
"Define Girlfriend"
"I Don't Date Republicans"