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National HIV Testing Day

I forgot it was yesterday and I wanted to write something about it. I'm going to get tested again at the end of July when I go to have my blood work done for the thyroid surgery.

A reader at Father Jake's pointed out the National Episcopal AIDS Coalition litany:

Gracious God,
You are merciful and loving,
Hear our prayers on behalf of all who suffer with AIDS:
Grant them peace in their hearts,
Wisdom in the choices they make,
And courage to face the days ahead.

For all who live with the disease of AIDS,
Grant them the gift of your love,
Hope for their future,
Friends to comfort and sustain them,
The will to live,
And faith that resurrection is a promise for now
As well as eternal life.

For all who minister to the needs of persons with AIDS,
Grant them compassionate hearts,
Tenderness and patience in their daily tasks,
And dedication to their ministry to all who suffer.

For all whose loved ones are affected by AIDS,
Grant them hope each day,
An awareness that love is forever binding,
The knowledge that Christ shares their suffering.

For all who have died of AIDS,
Grant them rest eternal;
May light perpetual shine upon them,
May we always remember them in our hearts.