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It's Simple People!

As you enter the plane, the rows start with the number 1 and go up. Like counting. Like you learned in kindergarten. But keep walking because you sure as hell aren't sitting in first class. When you get to the main cabin, the "A-B-C" seats are on the left, and the "D-E-F" seats are on the right. In every single row of the plane. It's quite an easy system to master and should require very little if any thought. Keep moving. There's no need to look left, then back, than right, then left again. What does your ticket say? Where is your seat? Unless your ticket says your seat is -12Q it should NOT take you 15 minutes to get you big fat ass in a seat.

And don't even get me started with people who bring very large carry on items. No, I get the simple day trip and I've got my small roller. But the people with two large rollers. No, I don't want to use the overhead compartments at all. Please feel free. I'm short and don't need the leg room under the seat in front of me. I like to sit upright, like a robot, in the middle seat, for over 4 hours. It's like Gitmo on a plane. Thanks.

So needless to say I'm back. Yes San Diego was nice. But I work too hard and didn't really go out to do anything. Plus I was with a guy who works for me so I felt bad ditching him. And then add in the detox and it wasn't like I was going to be bar hopping anyways.

The good news is that I'm like 2 weeks away from my grand vacation to Europe. Paris for a couple of days, Amsterdam for a couple of days, and then I catch the cruise out of Copenhagen going to Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and ending in Stockholm.

Ugh. This means I have to get on a plane again soon. Not thrilled at all.