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Detox Day 4

So I'm on day 4 of my little detox regime. The first couple of days weren't bad. But last night I was jonesing for a glass of Crystal Light Raspberry Ice Tea. Really badly. But I persisted and added some lime and lemon to my water. Yep, I'm living now!

So I checked out the new cafe on 17th St last night. Hmm, maybe it was just their first weekend, but the service was kind of slow. And while the Southwester Chipotle Salad with Chicken sounded amazing, it was actually a little disappointing. I just expected more. More salad. And more chicken. Of course, I was starving, so maybe that's why I was disappointed.

I didn't go out last night, or Friday night. Just feeling really tired. I wonder if that's because I'm purging caffeine from my body. I don't know, but I feel worn out right now and I hope I can sleep on the plane to San Diego.

Now, I wore shorts to church today so I really have no moral high ground to speak of. But there was one guy there in a sleevelss shirt. WTF? Ugh, and after the service he put that weird cowboy hat thing on that was so trendy a couple of years ago. I guess I'm old school, but I don't think you put the hat on until after you leave church. And there was some twink who was there who was wearing a very weird bandana as like a sweat band on his head. It was a grey hanky if that means anything. I can only hope that he was coming back from some all night clubbing thing and thought about going to church while the drugs were still kicking. Because if he woke up and thought this was appropriate church attire, he was sadly mistaken. I guess I'm just a little bit conservative that way.

Anyways, off to San Diego for work. The weather report?