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The Challenge!

So I was working out at the gym with a friend (and yes I need a good nickname for you!) and we were talking about things, work, life, etc. Work sucks right now. Suxs donkey dick as Jimbo would say. And part of me just wants to go on my cruise and forget all of this crap. And part of me doesn't want to go on the cruise because I'm still huge and being surrounded by hot men will only make me feel worse. This naturally lead into the now very tired discussion about how I sabotage my diet efforts, that I eat when I'm stressed, and that I put work over my health, etc. Yikes, I'm tired of hearing myself complain!

Anyways, we started talking about diets and how we both needed to stop eating & drinking some of the bad things we do. And I made some sort of comment about living on Diet Coke and he said that I had to stop all of that diet soda stuff. That Nutrasweet was bad and part of the reason I was having a problem losing weight. Now, I don't drink that much Diet Coke, but I'm addicted to Crystal Light Ice Tea (Raspberry, Peach, and Lemon). Like I drink 2-3 gallons of it a day.

So anyways, the challenge is to go nutrasweet (or any artificial sweetner) free for the next seven days. The challenge starts tomorrow so I'm savoring my last couple of glasses of ice tea before the purge begins. Anyways, it will be interesting to see what happens.