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Work, Craig's List, and DCHB!

So work is feast or famine for me I swear. At the beginning of the year I had to transfer some people to other departments since I didn't have the work to support them. The effect of that was I was kind of in a nice mellow sweet spot. I was busy, but not crazy, completely overwhelmed, must binge on Coke and M&Ms, busy. Ya know what I'm saying? Well, my little down cycle is over. I'm swamped. I need to hire and basically I need to double my staff. In the meantime, I'm pulling some crazy hours. So yes while the weather was awesome this weekend, I've spent most of it in my home office trying to make a dent in all of the work I've got. So not fun.

But in between rather productive work sessions, I've been checking out Craig's List and I really don't get some people. I've got no issue with all of the people who are into much more interesting things sexually than me. Hey, knock yourself out. If you're into that. But some of the listings just don't make sense. If you just want to watch some guy jerk off in a parking lot, then why does he need to be a top? Am I missing something? I guess it's no different than ManHunt, but still, it's odd.

DCHB! So I've been blog trawling telling people about DCHB and I'll keep doing that as I can. Thanks for the interest, comments, and support so far. I may be meeting with the owner of Nellies this week and get a sneak preview of the space. So once that happens, I'll be able to really put a plan together. So standby!