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In-Betweeners, Nellie's Sports Bar, and DCHB!

So I love the comment from Chris over at Jimbo's blog:

"Where are the in-betweeners in this town? We are looking for a place to hang out! I am too heavy for JR’s and not big enough for a lot of the bears at Woof. I like the guys at Woof and the Eagle but I am clean shaven so for a lot of those guys I may as well be wearing flip flops and a popped collar."

It's so true. As I've tiptoed through the various scenes here in DC and the only thing I've found in common is how I don't fit in. Too vanilla for the Eagle crowd. Took skinny for the WOOF crowd. Too heavy for the Halo crowd. Too old for the JR's crowd. Too young for the Window's crowd. I feel like goldilocks looking for the perfect bed.

However, I think Nellie's Sports Bar might be the place for in-betweeners!

So I got to go inside Nellie's Sports Bar this evening and check it out. And let me tell you, it's going to be great when it opens. It's actually a pretty large building that has three different rooms, including one with just an amazing antique long bar. Very cool. There's even more space in another room for bar tables, stools, etc that has a stage that might work for a Blog Jam. But that's still kind of TBD. Upstairs there is a small room that has some really amazing antique pub glass and then there is a deck. Like the Boat Slip in Ptown, they have a very big deck! I can see that becoming a late summer hang out! Very nice. Anyways it was kind of cool to get a sneak peak.

Thanks to those who've expressed interest in doing a blog jam type of thing. And thanks Jimbo for the suggestions. I'm going to continue to search out gay bloggers to see if we can get critical mass and then figure out a way forward. I'm definitely new to this type of thing, so suggestions are welcome.