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Well there's been a definite theme running around the blogosphere today.

From Tank: "My demon is an abundance of free time spent in solitude. My curse is laziness. And my nemesis is sure to be assorted self-destructive behaviors. I've got to foil this monster before it gets any more noxious."

I do have a lot of free time. Especially since I've pretty much given up on dating for awhile. And then add to it my need to regenerate and hibernate that causes problems.

From Jimbo: "I really like my private time to regenerate, and contrary to some may perceive I'm actually an introvert, if you go by the technical description of the personality type. I'm incredibly social when I'm well-rested and have had my private time to myself, but if I'm worn out from work or a tight schedule, I'm admittedly the last person you'll want to be around."

Again, that's me (well, mabye not incredibly social). But I wonder if I take it to an unhealthy extreme? Is my need to hibernate, to shut down, to shut out the world, just an attempt to not address some of my underlying mental/emotional problems. Eating till you're sleepy, and then sleeping until you're hungry is a form of denial, or self-medication. But isn't exactly good for my waistline, which puts me back into the downward spiral of depression.

I wandered around my little condo last night. Almost pacing. I didn't want to surf the web, I didn't want to order in, I didn't want to watch TV. I didn't want to do anything. And I knew it was too early to go to sleep. It was just odd.

GCinDC talks about therapy and even if I could (I can't because of that pesky clearance), I keeping thinking: "Is the last thing I need more time in my head?"

Anyways, I need to figure out something to do that keeps me busy, doesn't drain me, and doesn't involve food or alcohol. So after the gym tonight, I may just go for a long walk. I don't know. Something different.