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Welcome 2007!

This is supposed to be my year. I'm 40 and trying to be fabulous. And 40 is the new 30! But we'll see.

2006 ended with a wimper and a cheer. When the clock struck midnight, GreekBoy and I did the "friends kiss thing" and then took another sip of our cocktails. But there was a cheer when the DJ announced that JRs was going smoke free at midnight. I'm doing my last load of laundry where I'm just trying to wash the smoke smell out of otherwise clean clothes. So that's good.

Hmm, Trey's 2006? Fun, lots of stress, vacations, lots of work, a little bit of a social life, too much time at the gym and yet not enough time at the gym, family reunions, vacations, and the pain/pleasure of turning 40.

I went back to my first blog entry for 2006 and I wanted to fit by 40. Oh well. Like Sisyphus, that's my goal again this year. And I've got good hopes for it this year. With a re-org at work, I'm no longer as stressed out as I was before. I think I'm a little bit calmer now, so hopefully that means no Coke and M&M fueled binges to work through the crisis de jour. Speaking of Coke, I'm really going to try to quit that. Everything you read about HFCS is bad. So I'm going to stock up on Fresca and Coke Zero at work and see if I can cut out full strength Coke. And I've made a promise to myself that if I lose a certain amount of weight (and maintain that for 2 months) then I'll spend an obscene amount of money on myself buying some fab new clothes. So hopefully that will help motivate me some also.

So even before I turned 40, I started thinking of where I wanted to go in my next 40 years. And I mean that in a couple of different ways. The first 40 years of my life have been very interesting, not always good, but I really shouldn't complain at all. But what about the next 40 years? I've been very blessed/lucky in the way things have turned out for me professionally. But am I just coasting at this point? Shouldn't I be pushing myself to do something? To make something (more) of my life? Part of me thinks I should go back to school and get an MBA or something. But another degree? And what will I do with it? It just sounds like a check in a box without really knowing what the overall game plan is. Anyways, this is all stuff I want to think about and explore next year.

Speaking of exploring, I want to do more travel. And I know you're just rolling your eyes and saying, "More travel?" Yes, I know I've traveled a lot in the last couple of years, but I feel like I've been stuck in a rut. When I was younger, I made a goal of going to 6 of the 7 continents by the time I was 30. And I did. But since then, I've just sort of been lazy, no goal. And so I'm going to be working on my HOE List. Heaven on Earth is a book by TimeLife that lists the 100 places you need to go before you die. Needless to say I've already been to quite a few of them. Okay, 38 to be exact. So I've got 62 left to go. Which means I really need to start planning now if I'm going to see them all by the time I'm 80!!