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Oh The Places You'll Go (2006 version)

Umm, or where I went. I did have a cool powerpoint thing that showed all of my travel this year, but I can't embed it in blogger for some reason. It looks weird. But let's start from the beginning.

Jan-Feb: Cruise: Miami, Cozumel, Grand Caymen. Labadee, Miami
Feb: Harrisburg & Carlyse PA
Mar: San Diego, CA
May: Cancun
Jun: Chicago, San Diego, New Jersey
Jul: Boston, Provincetown
Aug: San Diego, Boston, Martinsburg WVA, Charleston SC
Aug-Sep: Cruise: Zurich, Athens, Santorni, Dubrovnik, Venice, Mesena, Naples, Barcelona.
Sep: San Francisco
Oct: Lost River, WVA
Nov: San Diego, Paris
Dec: Colorado Springs

So I don't travel all the time. See, I didn't go anywhere at all in April!

Wow, maybe I do have a problem. Just because I recognize I have a travel addiction problem doesn't mean I have to do anything about it, right? Cause I'm planning for 2007 now!