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My Little Soiree!

Was a great success! I had a great group of friends join me at the Ultra-Hip Lounge for some drinks. Some work friends, some Navy friends, some gay friends, and it was all good. I did have a savory winter mojito or two (okay fine 3, but it WAS my birthday, so back off!). Which I needed when my dear, dear, DEAR friends decided to sing Happy Birthday, really loudly, not ONCE, but yes TWICE. And shouting out my age at the end. Love you. Mean it! But seriously it was good to catch up with a lot of friends who I don't see nearly enough. I really do need to get my passport out and visit Virginia more often. ;-)

After a couple of drinks, the more responsible ones were bitching about needing food (just a sign that we're all getting old) and so we headed over to the new joint on the block. Good solid greasy pub food. It was perfect! And then we came back to my place where we had some Carrot Cake. Mmmm, the sweet cream cheese icing makes me drool right now. It was delish!

Apparently my wishlist at Tiffany's, Saks, and Porsche was ignored and somehow I got just a ton of booze. Which was all good. I'm set for New Years!

Anyways, like the old man that I apparently am now, I was asleep by 11 PM. I mean, come on, it was a Tuesday night!

Oddly enough, I think I'm pretty excited about the next 40 or so years!