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It's All About Street Cred!

So I'll be honest and say I've wimped out of some of the post company party plans these past couple of years. See after my second company holiday party, where I decided to do Gin & Tonics with beer chasers, I went with the young turks out to Gtown to hit Old Gory for a little after party partying. And all I really remember is walking in, having one shot, and then realizing, with the utmost clarity, that I really only wanted one thing in life. TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE RIGHT FRAKKN THEN!!! It was do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly home and hug the porcelain goddess all night. Yes, it was not pretty. It was so bad, that I think I still felt bad on Monday when I went to work.

So I've managed to find some sort of excuse to skip out, or sometimes just sneak out, of the holiday party for the last couple of year before the roll call for the trek into Gtown.

But this year I decided to live dangerously. Maybe it the immenent arrival of the big 4-0, but I decided to go for it. But being older, and wiser, I decided to mellow out on the drinking at the party before we even got to Gtown. Alternating Cape Cods and water (or soda), I was a very responsible drinker and actually felt pretty good when it was time to make the trek to Gtown.

Now, I can't tell you the last time I've been in a bar in Gtown. Or a straight pick up bar for that matter. And why am I paying a cover charge if there isn't a dance floor or DJ? Nevermind. Old Gory was packed. With lots of guys with very short haircuts, and with lots of girls with lots of cleavage. Funny how things happen like that. And I've forgotten how bad some people get when they are drunk. There were two guys in santa hats who were so drunk that they could barely stand up. You'd think they were in a k-hole. I can't believe the bartender was still serving them.

But it was fun to hang out and have a couple of beers, a couple of shots, and then mostly importantly, a couple of glasses of water, with the young turks at my company. I was still fairly coherent, but tired, when I bailed around 0230AM. Needless to say, I've got my street cred with the guys (and gals) from my company for atleast a year!