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I sneeze . . . .

and then I feel it. The pain that seems to erupt from my shoulders, back, neck, and chest. And not a quick pain, but a nice building crescendo of pain that overwhelms me so that I'm double over for a good 15 or more seconds as it washes over me and then finally begins to subside. I fear for the next sneeze. The next wave of pain.

So I'm sick. I've been trying to fight it for a while. The scratchy throat. The stuffy head. The runny nose. It all sounds so sexy, doesn't it?

It doesn't help that I'm pretty much running myself ragged at work. Too much to do, not enough time, so the same ole stuff.

The good news is that I'll probably be sick for my company holiday party. I'm sure the combination of cold medicine and alcohol will blunt the pain and madness of the evening's "fesitivities".