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Bring it *FRAK'N* ON!!!

So I finally watched all of season 2 of Battlestar Galactica and now I'm primed for Friday night. The Tivo is empty and ready to record every amazing minute. Yes, I'm now a big frak'n BG fan. Yeah, like who isn't, I know. I just never get the memo.

In other news, I've been scoping out his hottie at my gym. Probably mid-20s, nicely muscled, short blond hair, kind of spikey. And blond, blond. Like almost too perfectly blond if you know what I mean. So yesterday, he's wearing a frak'n Armani Exchange muscle shirt. And looked yummy. But I'm confused. No gay guy would ever wear an AX t-shirt to a Golds. Maybe if they were "working out" at Resluts I could see it. So I'm thinking he's straight, but an AX muscle shirt? Just mixed signals. But today I saw him wearing another muscle shirt (he does have amazing arms) for some Bench Pressing Contest at some base/fort/camp. So I'm guessing he's in the military. But it doesn't make him straight, though.

Speaking of the gym, I've added a little twist to my post lifting cardio. On days where I do biceps, I grab a couple of the 3 pound weights and then do arm curls for the 30 minutes I'm on the elliptical. And yes, I know, 3 pounds, big whoop. But it definitely cranks up my heart rate, so thats what counts.

So I'm still in my post vacation zen mode right now. This whole positive attitude thing is weird. Good, but weird. So I listen to Pride Nation Network at work. Lots of good music, and I hear this song. It's by Claudja Barry and it's called "Here I Stand." Love the words:

They’ll be times when we remember
But it’s better to forget
I’m ready to look forward
Cause I deserve nothing less