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Jon Stewart=Love. Ann Coulter=Hate

Check out Jon just evisercating Bill Bennett about gay marriage over at C&L. It's just beautiful to watch.

"Marriage was originally about chattle!"
"Being Gay is part of the human condition."
"It's choice to get 3 or 4 wives, that's a choice, that's not a bioligical condition."
"Divorce does not happen becuase 50% of marriage ends in gayness."

Love him.

Now, that Ann Coulter bitch needs to get a clue. She was on Today yesterday hawking her new book: "Godless: The Church of Liberalism." Nice uniting title. Right? Anyways, Matt starts to hammer her about gay marriage and she starts spouting off that 20 some states have passed marriage ammendments. She goes on to say that Alabama passed their marriage ammendment with something like 85%. Wow, what a shocker. I think slavery would pass in Alabama today with about 85% approval. Apparently in that same segment on Today, she diss-ed the widows of 9/11. She's such an evil, malignant person it just makes me ill.