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4.6 Pounds!

I'm so totally psyched that I lost 4.6 pounds last week. Yes, a lot of that was probably water, but it still feels good. I started the new, new, NEW diet plan last Saturday and so far so good. I finally figured out that I didn't really need any help working out. I can work out on my own. Even the weightlifting I can pretty much do on my own. It's the diet thing that I needed help with. I just like to eat and portion control has never been one of my strong suits. So I signed up for Diet To Go. What they do is prepare all of your meals for you. You pick them up twice a week (the pick up location is like 2 blocks from my house!) and it has all of your meals. The food is actually pretty good. I've had shrimp with pasta, a pulled BBQ turkey sandwich, chinese stir fry, a breakfast pizza, etc. So all sorts of stuff, and it's fresh! I'm on the 3 meal a day plan which is a bit hard core, but so far I'm loving it. And it's all portion controlled. And I've been really good about not snacking. I even went out to lunch with my team at work for a farewell but ordered the smallest appetizer I could find as my meal. So it's all working pretty well right now. We'll see what the count stands at next week. Of course, in addition to the food, I'm still doing the obsessive compulsive exercise thing. But hey, it's working!

Kathy Griffin just ROCKS! Saw her last night at the Warner Theatre. I was laughing so hard my cheeks were hurting. She was just vicious, and so funny. The crowd must have been 2/3rds gay, and she was in full gay-bonic refering to Ryan Seacrest as "she" and "her". It was hilarious. I did feel bad for the straight couple in front of us when she went into her bit about Oprah basically fisting Tim Frey on her show. The visuals were a bit much. And then the whole thing on Clay Aiken. OMG. Now I consider myself a bit of a pop culture junkie, but not really a tabloid junkie. So apparently I missed all of the Clay Aiken "dialing for dick" stories. I was just laughing so hard that I was almost crying. And of course I had to google it as soon as I got home to read the dirt. And wow, there certainly is plenty. ALLEGEDLY! As Kathy would say.

So I talked with my sister today for a bit. I think she really is cool with the whole gay thing and has invited me again to Paris. So I think Dad is just saying what he thinks or feels, but not really what the whole family feels. Talking with her helped. I hate dumping my drama on her since she's got plenty on her plate already. But I think I understand some of Dad's comments better. He talked about how I've "immersed myself" in my "new lifestyle." And I just couldn't figure out how he came to that conclusion. And then it sort of dawned on me. Even though I had de-fagged the condo, I still live in the hood. I'm sure he walked around the neighborhood while I was in Mexico and probably ran into more gay people (and blacks, latinos, etc) than he's ever seen in his life. So he probably just assumed that because I live in the hood I'm out every night at drug fueled orgies where we dress in womens clothes and plot the overthrow of the US government. Sadly, my social life is not so exciting. If I can muster the strength to go out once or twice a week for a drink (as in singular!) then I'm pretty happy. My sister is right. I think my parents have become isolated from the world living out there in white bread central and their minds numbed from listening to faux news all day.

Anyways, I'm feeling much better today. My sister and I talked about our trip home soon and I'm looking forward to it.