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Not So Much

After work I hit the gym, by myself, and got some decent cardio in. My stomach (and now back) hurt, but what's a little pain. Anyways, the endorphins kicked in and I was feeling okay. And I was sweating. Buckets. So I blaze out of the gym and get in the car which is freakishly clean for a change. I sit back against the seat and I can feel that cold, clammy feeling of the sweat in my shirt getting pressed against my cloth seats. Ew! So I decide to take my shirt off. I've almost stopped sweating, it's sunny and warm, so no big deal.

Except that I'm shirtless. Driving my Volvo. Through traffic in DC. Now, if I looked like this, I would never wear a shirt. But I don't. Not even close. (yes I know the hair is close, but back off!) Anyways I got a couple of strange looks before I realized that maybe driving shirtless isn't something I should do any more. I mean, it may not be appropriate for someone of my age and . . . um . . . body type. Note to self: Keep extra shirt in gym bag from now on.

Oh, and how appropriate. The word of the day is: aberzombies.