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Back Online & Random Thoughts

Seems I had a little Verizon issue so I was sans internet all weekend. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Okay, some random thoughts:

Saki Bombs are not a good thing. Coerced by a good friend of mine I went out with the young turks at my company. Ah to have a young liver.

Will and Grace. I have to watch it to keep my membership up, but it really has been pretty poor lately. Wait, Will has a boyfriend for all of three episodes? Yeah, that's groundbreaking. Anyways, I tivo-ed an episode and watched it this weekend. Not bad, but not good. But there was one line that just killed me. Jack gets the lead for a TV show because he was the lead character: "a devastated narcissist careening towards a dismal future." Harsh, but funny.

Speaking of Tivo. I've got the complete second season of Battlestar Galactica tivo-ed so now I'm almost out of disk space. Which means I guess I need to actually watch it. But now it seems like such a commitment. Even speading through the commercials I've probably got a good 16 hours of TV to watch. Hello couch potato.

Speaking of, I did go to the gym tonight. My stomach still hurts but I needed to do something. My butt will soon need it's own zip code.

The Black Party. Joe did an amazing job capturing the look, feel, smell, and practically taste of the Black Party. I've been, a couple of years ago. Arrived a little after 1AM, danced till about 8AM, and then stumbled back to my hotel almost crippled for a few hours of sleep before I checked out and flew back to DC. I definitely would like to go and somehow manage to stay awake and fully functional to really be able to experience it. Joe describes a scene at 10 in the morning that is just so powerful that I need to quote it:

"The morning music portion of the Black Party is an entirely different vibe than what precedes. The sexual urgency and the aggressive cruising is removed. The men on the dancefloor are noticeably older. Many of these older guys sleep all night and arrive at the Roseland specifically for the morning music portion. We smile and acknowledge each other as friends, even though we only ever see each other at this time. We are survivors, all of us, a fact underscored, amplified, by the 20, 25, 30-year old tunes being played, each song removing us to a place and time back when we danced with The Lost. In the music, we find our truths, we find our souls, we find ourselves, we find The Lost. It's not uncommon to notice someone dancing with tears rolling down his face. Still, he dances. He dances in memory, in tribute. He dances with his hands up to heaven, channeling love, channeling spirit. He dances with a head full of photographs, full of touches. Certain songs may make his heart ache, his throat tighten, his tears flow....but he dances to that motherfucking record. This is no somber requiem dance, it's a smiling-through-tears celebration of memories. I've told friends that I go to church once a year, and it takes place during the last hours of the Black Party."

Joe rocks.

Umm, last little tidbit. Greek Boy and I hit Juniors on Sunday night for a little night cap since we both were losers on Saturday night and just stayed home. It's packed, but not necessarily in a good way. I see a little twink walk by and his t-shirt says: "I Hate Myself and I Want to Die." LOVE IT.

And the best line ever: "The Longer It Takes to Find Mr. Right, The More He's Going to Pay For Keeping Me Waiting." - Matt Groening - Life in Hell.