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"I" Is for Introvert

"Hello, my name is Trey, and I'm an Introvert."

Yep, for all of those Meyers-Brigg fans out there, I'm an ISTJ. Please don't start to psycho-analyze me now, just sit back and enjoy the madness.

I think most people would find it odd that I'm an introvert. I'm a functional introvert, but I'm still an introvert. I can go out, and socialize, and be engaged and out-going when I need to be. But then I need to come home and just not talk with anyone, just shutdown, and rebuild my energy. It really does explain why I will go to a bar, hang out, and not speak to a soul. Oh well.

So I'm pretty sure my little melt down last week was just the end result of not having enough QPT (quality personal time) and some pretty intense crap at work pushing me to the frikking limit. And so I had that little snap.

I'm better, or will be soon. I chilled this weekend and it was nice. I did go to BlowOff with a friend, but didn't really mingle and left early. But over all, I did get some quality personal time in and I feel better. It also helps that I've got a trip to look forward to. I'm heading out to San Diego for work, but I'll be able to go up to LA on the weekend and will make my nephew's 7th birthday! So cool.