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Back from Vay-Cay!

Okay, so it really wasn't a vacation. I managed to scam a boon doggle to San Diego supporting one of my projects. But just being away from the general madness was like a vacation.

Umm, I love San Diego. Why don't I live there?

Anyways, work was good. Lots of fun technical discussions. Learned a lot. The whole environment on this effort couldn't be more different that my other project. And I got to do more techincal stuff and not so much PM stuff. Which is nice for a change.

After the meeting ended on Friday, I drove up to LA with my co-worker. I was going to visit my sister, and he would visit friends, for the weekend.

Got to LA and was so looking forward to seeing my niece and nephew. My nephew saw me, said "Hi Uncle Trey" and then turned back to his robot thing. My niece pulled up the blanket and wouldn't come out from underneath it. So much love.

Saturday was my nephew's birthday. My sister, in a quite brillian move, outsourced the birthday party. It was held at a place called AdventurePlex. Only in LA I swear. This place had this huge multi-level jungle gym/fort/play thing. It was just unreal. But the hordes of little kids loved it. They could rumpus all they want and pretty much not get hurt. While my nephew had a great time, my neice was at a "princess party" and apparently Ariel was coming. When we finally got back home, she came in with a little tiara on her head and some cool face paiting. Then it was time for all of the gifts. Even though we had gotten some specific gifts for my niece, she still kept trying to steal her brother's toys. Madness and melt down ensued. They grow out of this stage, right? The next day we got up and went for a short hike before it was time for lunch and the trip back to San Diego. My sister rocks. I have no idea how she does it. I would snap. Often.

The second part of the work trip in San Diego was good as well. Even better because I had a kick ass view from my hotel room. It was awesome. I'm sure I wouldn't have this view if I lived there, but it's nice to dream.

The trip back was hellish. Flying these days isn't for the weak. Packed in like sarndines I was sort of bummed that I couldn't do any work. But I was more bummed by the fact that between the huge guy in the seat next to me and being on the aisle getting constantly bumped, I couldn't even pretend to sleep.

Anyways, back in DC. Taking a personal day to get a myriad of things done.