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Weird Week

It's been a really weird week. Busy and strange and frustrating and inspiring and tiring all at the same time.

The wonderfully freakishly warm weather was caused a lot of fog. I love that. I like that way the fog sort of softens everything. It takes the harsh edge off everything. The day's aren't too bright, the nights aren't too dark. It's just this grey world and doesn't seem to threatening.

On Thursday I drove across the Key Bridge in the fog and it was kind of spooky and magical. When I to to my office, which on the 6th floor of a building overlooking the Potomac, I could see where the layer of fog ended. Like someone leveling icing on a cake, there was an broad layer of fog blanketing the ground. The fog was a bit pink and orange as the sun was trying to break it's way through. And there, in the distance, was the Washington Monument, breaking through the layer of fog and shining brightly. It was just an amazingly beautiful morning.

Work has been the usual madness and chaos and I am so looking forward to this weekend. In addition to it being a long weekend, it's also MAL this weekend. So I'll be venturing forth in some of my more unusual garb to see if I can find some trouble.

My "Fit by 40" program has not gotten off to a good start. There have been some bad days, and some good days. All things in time I know. I just need to try to maintain the focus and have more good days than bad days. That being said, in two weeks I'm going to be in a bathing suit on a ship full of body image obsessed gay men. Yeah, that's going to do wonders for my self esteem.