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All The World's A Stage

Went to the gym tonight. My usual trainer is taking bartending classes, so he hooked me up with another guy. This new trainer was C-U-T-E! But I'm trying to be all professional and serious about everything as we train.

Anyways, the good thing about a substitute trainer is that they always under estimate the amount of weight I can lift. Which is good becuase I get to slack off a bit. My trainer knows me too well for that. Anyways, the substitute trainer (ST) noticed that I was lifting stuff pretty easily and that he needed to jack the weight up. I made the comment that I need to work on my acting. If I act like it's killing me to lift the weight, then he won't increase the weight.

A little bit later he asked about my USNA t-shirt. He asked if I had gone there and I said yes. He asked about what the obligation was. Four years, he asked? Five I said. But I stayed in for 11 because it took me awhile to figure out that it wasn't quite right for me. Sort of a glib response, but I figured it was harmless. And then he makes a comment about me acting in the Navy. And I was doing some exercise at the time and it really didn't register, but I guess it was true. While I was in the Navy, I was acting like I was a certain type of person.

I guess I'm still acting now, but I think my character is a bit richer, a bit fuller, a bit more human.